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Colin Rogal - Lighting Cameraman

TV & Film Credits

This World: BBC2's international investigative series examines the issues that are leading to India becoming the diabetes capital of the world. In post-production for Spring 2013. Executive producer Narinda Minhas for OR Media, Sam Bagnell for the BBC.

BBC4 "Too Much Too Young - Children of the Middle Ages": Focusing on the three pillars of medieval society - religion, war and work - Dr Stephen Baxter reveals how children played a vital role in creating the medieval world. Directed by Dick Taylor.

"How Murdoch Ran Britain" Ch4 Dispatches. Peter Oborne investigates the world of Rupert Murdoch and the influence and political power he holds in the UK. Producers: David Alter and Sally Brindle for Blakeway Productions.

"The Prince and the Composer": the Prince of Wales's affectionate tribute to British composer Hubert Parry. Written and directed by John Bridcut for the BBC. More information on John's website View a video sample.. here

BBC "Who Gets The Best Jobs?" Britain is a less equal society than at any time since World War One. In Who Gets the Best Jobs, Richard Bilton investigates access to the professions - and finds that the best jobs are being snapped up by an increasingly small gene pool of privileged, well-connected families. Directed by Dai Richards for Tiger Aspect

CH4 Dispatches investigates the fish sold on Britain's high street to find out where it is sourced, how it is processed and what is actually in it, as Alex Thomson unwraps one of the nation's favourite dishes. Directed by Adam Jessel, executive producer Fiona Stourton for Blakeway Productions

"Charles at 60 - The Passionate Prince" BBC cameras film the Prince of Wales over a year offering a rare insight into the man who, one day, will be king. John Bridcut directs and produces.

Ch4 Dispatches: "Tabloids, Tories and Telephone Hacking" investigates the News of the World phone hacking scandal. Reporter Peter Oborne, directed and produced by Sally Brindle, Richard Saunders and David Alter for Brook Lapping Productions

Ch4's series of highly personal short films, broadcast daily, reflecting on a broad range of religious and ethical issues, and aspects of our spiritual lives. These 90-second films challenge some traditional views, providing a platform for both scepticism and devout religious beliefs. Waddell Media for Ch4, executive producer Narinder Minhas You can watch at 4Thought TV

Private Life of a Masterpiece: The Descent from the Cross. Another film in the BBC series that takes a great work of art and tells its story from inception to the present day. This time it's Rogier Van Der Weyden's masterwork. Mick Gold directs for Fulmar Productions. View a sample download

Ch4 Dispatches "Cameron Uncovered" On the eve of the 2010 election Andrew Rawnsley interviews the man who would be Prime Minister, and his colleagues George Osborne, William Hague and Michael Gove, the men who hope to run our economy, foreign affairs and education system. He gets an opponent's perspective from Lord Mandelson. Mick Gold and Sally Brindle direct for Brook Lapping Productions

"American Dream" for the BBC. Using remarkable archive footage and eyewitness testimony, this major three-part series explores the realities behind the idea of the 'American Dream' from the 1940s to the 1970s. Prog 3 looks at the role faith has played in American notions of a new world - from traditional religion to cults to the beliefs of the counterculture. Directed by Bill Treharne Jones

BBC Horizon "Why Do Viruses Kill?" We follow the leading researchers from across the world, who are attempting to unravel the many secrets of viruses to understand when and why they kill. Director Dick Taylor

"Prof Regan's Health Spa" and "Prof Regan's Nursery": Leslie Regan investigates the worlds of Health and Nursery products and scrutinises the scientific claims made for a variety of products. Rob Liddell and Sara Cropley direct for the BBC

"Fast Bucks: how Porsche made millions": BBC Money Programme. Investigating the takeover of VW by Porsche. Julia Berg directs for Quicksilver Media.

"Crash Gordon" a Ch4 Dispatches special. Andrew Rawnsley presents the inside political story of the credit crunch. Airs June 8th. Further deails here . Directed by Mick Gold, produced by Sally Brindle, executive producer Ann Lapping for Brook-Lapping Productions.

BBC Horizon "Why don't thin people get fat?" Looking at new scientific developments in the study of weight. Directed by Emma Sutton.

Winner of "Best Documentary" at the 2009 Broadcast Awards. Congratulations Sue and team. "My Street" Ch4. Sue Bourne's affectionate portrait of life in her street. Just a small input from me on this one, but definitely my favourite obs-doc. Wellpark Productions.

"Secrets of the Mary Rose" Ch5. Through forensic examinations of the ship and its crew Dr. Hugh Montgomery looks at a new theory about why Henry VIII's flagship sank on its maiden outing as a warship. Directed by Martin Gorst for Windfall Films.

BBC Horizon: "Shopping with Science" Professor Leslie Regan investigates whether scientific claims made by everyday supermarket products really have any base. Directed by Dick Taylor.

Gordon Brown: "Where Did It All Go Wrong?" Andrew Rawnsley talks to Cabinet Ministers, close friends and political advisors of the PM as his popularity plummets one year into the job. Directed by Mick Gold, produced by Sally Brindle for Brook-Lapping Productions

Ch4 Dispatches "Nice Work If You Can Get It": Peter Oborne asks whether politicians are trying to put themselves above the law. Tom Porter directs for Quicksilver Media.

BBC Horizon "Battle of the Brains" takes seven people who are some of the highest flyers in their field - a musical prodigy, a quantum physicist, an artist, a dramatist, an RAF fighter pilot, a chess grandmaster and a Wall Street trader. Each is put through a series of tests to discover who is the most intelligent and whether intelligence can really be quantified? Dick Taylor directs. View a video sample Download

View a video sample Winner of "Best Drama" at the 2008 New York City Short Film Festival! Congratulations Nick et al! nycshort.com "After 8": take six brilliant actors, avant-garde direction from Nick Reed, an improvised scene from suburban life and the result is an extraordinary series of performances that create a whole new genre in screen drama. View a video sample Download

WNET/PBS "Dogs that Changed the World": examining man's relationship over thousands of years with his canine companions. HD. Corinna Faith and Ida Bruusgaard direct for Tigress Productions. You can watch a video sample Download and see photos from the picture gallery here

Winner of the Cinequest 2007 Film Festival's Viewers Voice award. Congratulations Kara and team! "Nobody The Great": feature drama written and directed by Kara Miller. When terrorists seem set to ruin the love lives of two flatmates Jack and Basil, they take matters into their own hands with dire consequences. You can view a trailer or watch the whole film here. Produced by Arawak Films

National Geographic's "Naked Science" travels to the jungles of Panama to examine Darwin's theories of natural selection: shot in HD, Martin Gorst directs for Pioneer Productions.

Donovan "The Summer of Love": 1967 goes under the spotlight with contributions from artists, musicians, journalists and politicians. Melissa FitzGerald directs. Blakeway Productions for the BBC.

BBC Horizon "Chimps are People Too": writer and comedian Danny Wallace looks at our closest animal relatives with whom we share more than 99% common DNA. Dick Taylor directs. View a (rather funny) video sample Download

"Nostradamus" investigates the 17th century mystic and his writings with the help of 21st century experts. Mentorn Productions for the Discovery Channel. Caius Julyan directs. View a video sample Download

Private Life of a Masterpiece: Salvador Dali's "Crucifixion: St. John of the Cross" This stunning series continues with three religious works especially commissioned by the BBC for Easter 2006 including this HD film directed for Fulmar Productions by Mick Gold. View a video sample Download

Publicity Card Nominated for a Grierson Award 2006. Congratulations Don and the team! "Tory! Tory! Tory!" investigates the roots of Thatcherism as we meet the pioneers of the free market economy. 3 x 1 hour for the BBC. Don Jordan, Dan Hillman and Tom McCarthy direct for Mentorn Productions. Publicity Card

"Michael Moore and Me": Janet Street Porter does a Michael Moore on the man himself. He dishes it out, but can he take it? 60 minutes for Sky TV. Tom Porter directs this Mentorn Production. View a video sample Download

View a Video Sample "The Battle for Britain's Soul": BBC2. These programmes chart the arrival of Christianity in Britain and follows its development through the ages. Presented by Peter Owen-Jones and directed by Dick Taylor. View a video sample from series 1 Download or series 2 Download

Picture Gallery Naked Science: "Birth of the Earth". High-definition shoot in Western Australia investigating the earliest form of life known on planet earth. Pioneer Productions for National Geographic. Martin Gorst directs. Go to picture gallery here

Bjorn Lomberg "Big Ideas that changed the World": Channel 5. A series of films presented by leading exponents including Bjorn Lomberg on Environmentalism and Germaine Greer on Feminism. Directed for Mentorn Productions by Martin Gorst.

Click to see more "Michael Howard - No More Mr. Nasty" Mentorn Productions for BBC2. Michael Cockerell's candid portrait of the Tory Party Leader and former Home Secretary as he prepares to do battle in the 2005 election. Directed by Krish Majumdar. View a video sample Download

View a video sample "Inside Saatchi & Saatchi" BBC2: we follow the world's best known advertising company as they launch a 20 million campaign to promote Brazilian spirit drink "Sagatiba". Produced and directed by Jenny Clayton. View a video sample Download

Latest in BBC2's critically acclaimed art series "Private Life of a Masterpiece", Eugene Delacroix's "Liberty Leading the People". Mick Gold directs for Fulmar Productions. Read what the critics said here

"Seeing is Believing": former Prime Minister Sir John Major presents a programme which examines the work of a group of charities whose hope is to eradicate preventable blindness throughout the world by the year 2020. BBC World. Directed by Blakeway Production's Melissa FitzGerald. Go to the Picture Gallery here

"Flashers - The Naked Truth": this tough film explores the reasons why some people are driven to expose themselves. It talks to both protaganists and their victims and examines controversial treatments at a US clinic for sexual deviants. Directed by Toby Macdonald. Mentorn productions for Ch4.

Yep, that's me and Billy! "From Here to Paternity": research shows that as many as as 1 in 10 fathers may be raising children they mistakenly believe to be their own progeny. This film looks at several cases and examines the moral arguments surrounding the issue. Directed by Dick Taylor for BBC1. View a video sample Download

"Private Life of a Masterpiece": Fulmar for BBC 2. This very successful series continues with amongst others these two films on Goya's masterpiece "The 3rd of May" and Degas' wonderful sculpture "The Little Dancer". Director Mick Gold. View a video sample Download

View a Video Sample Trouble at the Top: BBC. Two films. One looks at the fiercely fought battle for control of Luton FC. The other follows supermodel Jodie Kidd as she sets out to popularise the game of Polo. Directors Molly Mathieson and Donna Sharpe. View a Video Sample Download

View a Video Sample "The Big Question": Mentorn Productions. Channel 5 gets serious with these films examining the biggest scientific mysteries of them all. Produced by Martin Gorst. View a Video Sample Download

View a video sample "Descent into Hell" Mentorn Productions for National Geographic and Ch.4. Based upon his book Netherworld, writer Robert Temple leads us on an intriguing search for the gateway to Hades as described in ancient Greek literature. Directed by Alastair Reid. View a video sample Download

BBC 1 Panorama: "The Baby Business". An investigation into the science and practise of IVF. Presented by Shelley Joffre, producer Nicole Kleeman.

"Charles - The Battle with Diana & The Battle of the Palaces". Brook Lapping for Ch4. Princess Diana's former private secretary Patrick Jephson reveals a history of spin and secrecy in royal circles. Series producer Phil Craig.

View a video sample "The Booker Prize": author Rohinton Mistry reads extracts from his Booker nominated novel "Family Matters". Sally Benton directs for the BBC. View a video sample. Download

"Private Life of a Masterpiece - The Rokeby Venus". Fulmar TV for BBC2. The story behind Velasquez's great painting, and "the most smackable backside in art". Directed by Mick Gold.

More details "The Fall of Milosevic": sequel to the multi award winning "Death of Yugoslavia" on which I also worked, this documentary series chronicles events leading up to the Serbian president's fall from power and eventual arrest for war crimes. Brook Lapping for the BBC and Discovery. Executive producer Norma Percy. Series director Dai Richards.

More images "The Trouble with Love": six dramatised films examining attitudes to love, romance, sex and marriage through the ages. BBC2. Series producer Dick Taylor. Directors Jane Dibblin, Ian Bremner, Deborah Lee and Lionel Mill. View a video sample Download

View a Video Sample "Edward and Mary": historian David Starkey recounts the story of how Henry VIII's bastard daughter ascended to the throne of England. Granada's Lucy Springler directs for Ch. 4. View a Video Sample Download

"Queen and Country". Mentorn Barraclough Carey for the BBC 1. In celebration of the Queen's golden jubilee, William Shawcross examines her fifty years on the throne. Four one hour films, produced and directed by John Bridcut.

"Kings Cross - Beneath the Flames" The chilling story of the underground fire as remembered by the survivors and the rescue services. Directed by Paul Burgess for the BBC.

View a Video Sample "Murder Most Royal". Blakeway Associates for the BBC. What drove Crown Prince Dipendra of Nepal to shoot in cold blood his father the king, his mother the queen and seven other members of the royal family before turning the gun on himself ? Directed by Donna Sharpe. View a Video Sample Download

"Great Heroes": Wark Clements Associates for Channel 5 examine the lives of Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, Hannibal, Nelson, Napoleon, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. Directors Fiona Procter and Jane Quigley.

View a Video Sample "Renaissance Secrets" Two films: in the first, "The Myth of Venice"16th Century writer Thomas Coriat travels forward in time to retell the story of this great city. In the second "Conspiring against the Queen" we examine the case of Dr. Roderigo Lopez who was executed for plotting to murder Queen Elizabeth 1st. Directed by Dick Taylor for the BBC. View a Video Sample Download

"Panorama - The Accused": Fergal Keane re-examines Israel's 1982 invasion of Lebanon and asks if prime minister Sharon should be considered a war criminal. Produced by Aidan Laverty. BBC 1.

More details "Endgame in Ireland" The peace process is put under the microscope by Brook Lapping Associates for the BBC and PBS. Peabody Award winner and BAFTA, RTS and Grierson finalist. Executive producer Norma Percy, directors Mick Gold and Mark Anderson.

Timewatch - "A Very British Mutiny" tells the story of the 8th Army mutiny at Salerno in 1943. 3BM TV for the BBC. Director Dai Richards.

"The Major Years" Prime Minister John Major's account of his time at Number 10. Blakeway Associates for BBC 1. Producer Denys Blakeway.

"Outbreak - the true story of Foot and Mouth": MBC Midlands for Channel 4. Produced and directed by Eamonn Matthews.

"Everyman - Chained Women". An investigation into the controversy and injustice surrounding divorce in the orthodox Jewish religion. Flame Television for the BBC. Director Laura Granditer, executive producer Roger Bolton.

View a Video Sample "Rebellion": veteran BBC correspondent David Dimblely returns to Africa to tell the story of civil war in Rhodesia, U.D.I and the road to an independent Zimbabwe. Mentorn Barraclough Carey for the BBC. Produced and directed by John Bridcut. View a Video Sample Download

View a video sample "Witness - Childrens' Past Lives" This film examines the phenomena of children who claim to be reincarnated and looks at case studies in Sri Lanka, Holland, the US and UK. Zenith Entertainment for Channel 4. Producer John Ward, director Laura Granditer. View a video sample Download

"British Empires": the stories behind some of the giants of British Industry, including this film on NatWest Bank. Blakeway Associates for Channel 4. Series Producer Saskia Barron, director Ben Lewis. View a video sample Download

More details "Nazi Wives - Hitler's Women": examining the relationships between the nazi fuhrer and the women who played a part in his life. Blakeway Associates for Channel 4. Director Fiona Procter.

"Rover - Last Chance Saloon": the rise and fall of the last of the British motor car manufacturers. Blakeway Associates for Channel 4. Directed by Ben Lewis.

"The Hunger Business" looks at the controversial issues surrounding the emergency aid industry. First Circle Films for Channel 4. Producer Daniel Wolf, director Peter Minns.

View a video sample Dispatches - "Customs and Excise": a hard hitting film looking at bungled drug trafficking prosecutions that wasted millions of pounds of tax payers' money. Just TV for Ch4. Producer Sam Bagnell, director Peter Minns. View a video sample Download

British Bravery Awards "Sands of Time". Dramatised reconstruction of the heroic rescue of a family cut off by rising tides. BBC. Directed by Bren Simson.

"High 5" looks at the nation's favourite paintings with art critic Tim Marlow as we visit galleries around the country. Seventh Art Productions for Channel 5. Producer Phil Grabsky.

"Dispatches - Rail Safety". No expense spared as we buy, crash and set fire to a railway carriage to examine frightening issues of rail safety. Fulcrum Productions for Channel 4. Producer Richard Belfield. Presented by Christopher Hird.

"Classrooms at War". Educational issues examined by Siguy Films for the BBC. Producer Tina Court.

View a video sample " A Living Hell". Prof. Lewis Wolpert, himself a former sufferer, looks at depression and related mental illnesses for the BBC Science dept. Directed by Dai Richards. View a video sample Download

"Chris Patten's East and West": the last governor of Hong Kong examines the relationship, past, present and future between Asia and the West. Winner of the 1999 Indie Awards. Oxford Television Company for the BBC. Series producer Nicolas Kent, director Peter Minns.

Cutting Edge "Snoopers at Work". Should employers spy on their staff ? Business ethics examined. Cat's Eye Productions for Channel 4. Director Laura Granditer.

"Mad Cows and Englishmen". The story of BSE. Mentorn Barraclough Carey for the BBC. Produced by John Bridcut.

picture Ancient Voices "Empire of Death": an archaeological dig in Sudan offers up a bizarre story of mass suicide. BBC and the Learning Channel. Directed by Peter Minns.

Crimewatch File: dramatised documentary on the hunt for a serial rapist. Directed by Jules Williamson for the BBC.

"The Lost Race": a recent history of far right organizations and political parties operating in Britain. Directed by Ben Lewis for the BBC.

"The Sexual Century": changing attitudes to sex over the past 100 years. Produced by Sally Doganis and Paul Bryers for Carlton and the ITV network.

"Israel and the Arabs - the 50 Years War". Middle East conflict and diplomacy put under the microscope in another award winner by Brook Lapping Associates for the BBC. Executive producer Norma Percy, director Dai Richards.

"Airport" The BBC's behind the scenes take on Heathrow that spawned a whole new genre of docusoaps.

"60 Minutes - Tom Jones" CBS. America's most influential show profiles Wales's best known export. Executive producer Jeff Fager, producer Deb Thompson.

"A la Mode": fashion magazine show. O R Media for the BBC.

"Power into Art": produced over 5 years, this film chronicled the conversion of Southwark power station into one of London's major new attractions, the Tate Gallery of Modern Art. Skyscraper Productions for Channel 4. Producer Karl Sabbagh.

Dispatches -"Under The Hammer": an expose of London auction giant Sotheby's. Following the revelations made by this programme, the Sotheby's story was front page news in the Times for three days running. Nominated for an RTS award. Produced by Sam Bagnell and directed by Peter Minns.

"The Nature of Things". CBC's prestigious science show examines nuclear issues and takes a close look at the UK's reprocessing plant at Sellafield. Producer Daniel Zuckerbrot.

"Diana - Secrets Behind the Crash": Fulcrum's controversial film that broke all documentary viewing figure records as 12.8 million Britons tuned in. Produced by Richard Belfield for the ITV network.

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