Critical acclaim for "The Private Life of a Masterpiece"

It's a great story, and as always with this series, it's told with loving camerawork and the best-written narration on TV, read with silky-smooth intelligence by Samuel West. Tim Marlow's fine-art programmes for Five are good but, for my money, this is the gold standard. DAVID BUTCHER (The Radio Times)

This superb series is back. By now, it has developed an almost perfect formula — each programme focuses on the cracking story of a masterpiece told by an A-list of contributors. The one tonight, with Dany Cohn-Bendit and Tariq Ali, tells the story of Liberty Leading the People by Eugène Delacroix. DAVID CHATER (The Times)

The very excellent Private Life of a Masterpiece (BBC2, Saturday) tells the whole history of individual paintings and does so in classy, uncluttered and utterly absorbing ways. The first in this new series looked at Delacroix's iconic Liberty Leading the People, ambitiously and convincingly tracing it from its neoclassical predecessors to the present day. ELISABETH MAHONEY (The Guardian)

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