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Colin Rogal - Lighting Cameraman

Standard Equipment List

Panasonic AJ-HDX900 Camcorder or Sony DVW790WSP Camcorder or Sony DSR450 Camcorder (Other formats on request including HDCam and XDCamHD)

Canon HJ22x7.8 or Fujinon A15x8 Standard lens

Canon HJ14x4.3 or Fujinon A8.5x5.5 Wide angle lens

Chroziel Matte-box with various filters

Sony PDM940 HD monitor or PVM9044QM 9" widescreen switchable monitor

Teletest OZL7000 handheld 7" LCD widescreen monitor

Sachtler Video 20 or 18 Tripod

Kinoflo Diva400 light

300/500 Arri Mizars x 2

150W Arri Mini-Mizar

100W Dedolight x 2

Wally Dolly (lightweight track and dolly) *

Cinesaddle *

416 boom mic *

Tram TR50 *

MP3 audio transcription recorder *

(* optional extras)

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