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Colin Rogal - Lighting Cameraman

Corporate Productions

As well as shooting for a lot of corporate clients I frequently take on the role of producer. One of my clients is a large American bank and regularly commissions me as producer to handle filming at their UK locations. Footage will then be sent back to the US for editing. Other clients will commission complete films: for confidentiality and security reasons much of the work I do for corporate clients contains privileged information and I am unable to put this on the website for general viewing. However there are some examples which I can show you...

I was recently commissioned to produce a film for the Roald Dahl Foundation as part of their annual Roald Dahl Day celebrations. It was called "Everything You Wanted To Know about Roald Dahl but Didn't Know Who to Ask" and featured extensive interviews with family and friends including Quentin Blake, Sophie Dahl and his widow Liccie. The film was written and directed by Jake Wilson, edited by Tom Swingler and has now been seen by tens of thousands of children throughout the UK. Here's the final part download and if you think this kind of film could help your organisation please do get in touch.

Hunan province family helped by 2020 Vision 2020 is a worldwide organization working with governments, NGOs and charities towards the eradication of preventable blindness by the year 2020.

Standard Chartered Bank, as part of their "Seeing Is Believing" corporate responsibility initiative recently sponsored the making of a film presented by former prime minister Sir John Major that looked at Vision 2020's work . I was privileged to travel with Sir John and director Melissa FitzGerald to India, and then to China. The film has been shown all over the world and sends a very positive message. You can view an extract here

Norwood is the UK's largest children and families charity. The services they offer range from adoption, to residential and recreational support for severely and mildly disabled adults and children and include special educational support for children, and social welfare services for families and individuals. They use video very successfully in their fund-raising strategy. Here is an example. This film was directed for imMEDIAte Films by Laura Granditer.

Angel Eye Films specialise in films for the educational sector and their clients include The Open University and King's College London's "Distance Learning Programme". You can view an example of their work here. This film was directed and produced by Sarah Carr.

Smart Fusion is a London and New York based marketing company. I recently worked on their video presentation for a conference in Las Vegas. The film was directed by Peter Minns.

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